ILRU has a new Web address available for Statewide Independent Living Councils at This address takes you directly to the SILC section of the ILRU website. The section will soon be expanded to offer even more information on SILCs. If you are looking for training on roles and responsibilities of SILCs or information on gathering data, if you want to reach out to your peers in the SILC community through a directory search, you will find the resources you need on this website. This site will continuously post the latest information on regulations and guidance, and all things WIOA, as it becomes available…so be sure to check it out today!
ILNETLogoPRINTThe newly formed SILCSpeak peer group launched on November 5th with a discussion around the role of the Designated State Entity in the SPIL development process. The monthly calls, held on the first Thursday of the month are facilitated by APRIL’s Mary Olson, Ann McDaniel of the West Virginia SILC, and ILRU’s Paula McElwee. The next call will be December 3rd at 3:00 p.m. EST. The topic will be the newly published regulations for the Rehabilitation Act as amended by WIOA. Join in to discuss areas where comment on the regulations might be helpful. All SILC members and staff are invited to participate.
And, check our new Facebook page, SILC Connection. We will be posting trainings, resources, best practices, and so much more!
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