(Taken from the transcript of the SILC Speaks call on April 7, 2016 with Bob Williams and Tim Beatty of the Independent Living Administration within the Administration on Community Living, Department of Health and Human Services.)

BOB WILLIAMS: First, this is Bob Williams. I want to thank you for both the hard work you do in your states to improve the lives and futures of people with significant disabilities. of all ages. And thank you as well for the questions you asked.  Paula, can you read the first question?

PAULA McELWEE: Be glad to do that. We had several of you who provided questions in advance. So those are the ones we are going to be reading now, and then as time allows we’ll open things up for more questions and answers at the end of the call. The first question that was submitted was this one: What will be the process for SPIL submission if the DSE is not in agreement with the SPIL. Will there be any mediation by ACL? That’s assuming the SILC and centers have attempted to first resolve this issue themselves?

BOB WILLIAMS: Let me stress the last point in particular. Yes, if there are questions or differences of opinion — opinions between the SILC and DSE — we at ACL will work with both parties to bridge them. But I cannot stress enough that all efforts need to be made if you in your states to find a middle way forward because it is in everyone’s interest to do so. The law gives you and the DSE a lot of flexibility and incentive to work together and once issues get elevated to us that often gets more difficult to do. So there are two take aways I would like to leave you with. The first is, if there are matters that need to be worked out with input from ACL, we will do our best to resolve and address them. That said, it is in everyone’s  interests to do whatever you can to try to resolve it.

(Note: if the SILC, CILs and DSEs are having difficulty agreeing, please notify your IL Specialist and begin to discuss this as soon as possible. You can find your IL Specialist contact information in this Table of IL State Assignments 04-20-16 Excel file (xlsx) | Adobe pdf file (pdf)

There is not a process for requesting an extension. Your signed SPIL must be in place for monies — either Part B or Part C — to flow to the state after the current SPIL expires on September 30, 2016.)


What if we can’t get agreement to sign the SPIL?

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