There isn’t a single way to write a strategic plan. We suggest that the CIL set goals and objectives that are measurable, and result in measurable outcomes. If you search for “outcomes” on our website at you will find a number of on-demand training sessions addressing outcomes.

Any planning tool or template can be used to record this. Most CILs put it in narrative form in a word document. Some set it up in a chart. Some borrow or buy a template (you can Google “strategic plan template”).

Typically the elements of a plan are the mission and/or vision, long range goals, short range goals and specific measurable objectives with persons responsible and a target date, so everyone can check in from time to time and see how they are progressing on the plan. Typically the board (with the ED and with or without other staff and stakeholders) set the mission, vision and long range goals, then the staff flesh them out and are held accountable for their progress and outcomes.

I suggest that CILs start with the grant goals they have promised to their funders and make sure that any plan encompasses those routine things along side of their dreams.

A few basics about planning

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