The majority of your CIL budget is spent on staff. This is where you invest the most money, year after year. Let’s think about some of the risks related to staff.

  • Are your employees serving “at  will?” (This varies state to state.) What are your policies addressing this?
  • Can a CIL or SILC be sued for discrimination because of disability or any other protected class? (The answer is yes!) What are your policies and procedures for addressing these areas?
  • Are you following your policies and procedures consistently? No exceptions?
  • Are your staff working in risky or unsafe neighborhoods?
  • Do staff know how to report work-related injuries?

Once you have thought about the risks, identify things you can do to reduce your risks of each area identified. For example regarding work-related injuries, some insurance companies recommend immediate drug testing after an accident to determine if the person was under the influence. This is a mitigating measure, or a measure that reduces your risk. What policies, procedures and training do you have in place for staff and for managers related to the risks you’ve identified? Are there new things you need to put in place to reduce risks?

Don’t forget the important final piece – what do you plan to put into place to monitor that your risk management plan is in place going forward?

What are your risks related to staff?

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