As your communities open up following the initial closures due to COVID-19, some centers have begun to open their doors, or at least open access to the Center a little bit. Here are some practices we are seeing (in keeping with the local requirements of course).

Individual wearing a mask is posting a sign that says
“OPEN, Business as New Normal”
  • The center has invested in the needed equipment to work from home effectively, and the offices remain closed. Some policies specify that they will not reopen until a vaccine is readily available. Services are offered remotely and consumers have been equipped or connected with the technology to participate in independent living skills classes, individual appointments, peer groups, etc.
  • One or two staff are returning to the office to handle face to face appointments in urgent situations. Notice that services on site are few, and by appointment only. Masks are worn, surfaces are regularly disinfected, and there is access to UV light to disinfect cell phone, keys or other high-touch items.
  • One or two staff are in the office daily to manage phone calls, distribute mail and if needed respond to it, and keep the lights on. The office is still closed to the public.
  • Half of the staff are in the office and use a rotating schedule so that staff can socially distance. Screens have been added at reception and between cubicles. Lobbies have been reconfigured to allow for social distancing. Masks are worn. Staff are responsible for cleaning all the surfaces they touch. A janitorial contract provides regular deeper cleaning. If consumers are seen it is by appointment only.
  • Assistive technology/durable medical equipment loans or gifts are set up during phone or email contacts, and are delivered without direct contact — through a door at either the person’s home or the office. Instructions for use of equipment is demonstrated, usually by video call.

Where is your center in this process? Share any creative or interesting approaches you are taking to reopening. Use the comment option below.

As you return to the office…

One thought on “As you return to the office…

  • September 24, 2020 at 5:29 am

    LINC is following the CDC and our local Public Health Dept. recommendations of wearing masks, social distancing, and frequently wiping down surfaces most touched. We are now closed to the public but will see individuals by appointment and have staggered staff schedules. We remain flexible so that some staff can work from home due to being of higher risk or having to home school children. We are also continuing all meetings by various online meeting formats…trying out different options, and will be holding our Annual Meeting by way of Zoom this evening. We will be using the webinar feature and have already discovered some pros and cons… and learning!!


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