All states are going through the process of changing from a Designated State Unit to a Designated State Entity and the reduced responsibilities for oversight that come with the designation of DSE. Some are also switching from one department within the state to another. This summary from Ann McDaniel might be useful the the SILC as you address the process.

Overview of DSE Roles and Responsibilitiescanstockphoto8847088

  • Sign the SPIL, to show agreement to serve as the DSE and to:
    • Receive, account for, and disburse Part B funds received by the State based on the SPIL – providing a 10% state match
    • Provide administrative support services for the IL program
    • Keep records and afford access to records as ACL requires
    • Submit additional information as required by ACL
    • Retain not more than 5% of Part B (including match) to fulfill these responsibilities
    • Develop Resource Plan with SILC necessary and sufficient for SILC to carry out duties & authorities

From the Rehab Act as amended by WIOA

Sec. 704. State Plan.

(c) Designation of State Entity. – The plan shall designate a State entity of such State (referred to in this title as the ‘designated State entity’) as the agency that, on behalf of the State, shall:

(1) receive, account for, and disburse funds received by the State under this chapter based on the plan;

(2) provide administrative support services for a program under part B, and a program under part C in a case in which the program is administered by the State under section 723;

(3) keep such records and afford such access to such records as the Administrator finds to be necessary with respect to the programs;

(4) submit such additional information or provide such assurances as the Administrator may require with respect to the programs; and

(5) retain not more than 5 percent of the funds received by the State for any fiscal year under Part B. for the performance of the services outlined in paragraphs (1) through (4).

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What are the duties of the Designated State Entity?

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