You might find it helpful to utilize some of the on-line resources for your staff meetings and staff training. Some center approach training by doing a short segment during each staff meeting. I suggest up to 30 minutes each. Here are some specific suggestions some basic topics including how you can take one segment of the training that fits that time frame.

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I have mentioned these before, but there are four modules about history and philosophy from 14 to 21 minutes in length, at  They have audio, video with old photos, etc.

For the following, you can start at a specific slide number and end at another to trim minutes or split content. You click on View the Training, projecting the slides and turning up the sound.

For Information and Referral –  Slides 4 – 11, which is less than 30 minutes.

For IL Skills, you might want to look at  I would do slides only, reading slides 1, 2 then skip to slide 8 and play the audio through slide 11. Audio begins roughly 25 minutes in. has a little more detail and focuses on those leaving institutions.  I would  start it right after the intro/slide 2 through 13 as one segment and start at 18 through 33 for the second part.

This peer support module is a specific model of using volunteers as peers. You don’t want use this link if you aren’t going to consider that model.   Slides 5 – 16 describe this model in roughly 30 minutes; Slides 18 – 40 discuss more nuts and bolts for implementing the program.

Youth transition is addressed at and stop and discuss slide 9. Separate section slides 10 – 21. Then beginning on slide 22, go through the slides through 30 without the audio and brainstorm how you want to provide youth transition at your CIL.

System Advocacy is addressed at  A nice 20 minute segment can be found at slides 6 – 13. You can skip over the Q and A and do a separate how-to segment starting at 15 – 31.

After your staff watch and discuss these segments they can certainly follow the link and watch the entire presentation.

Hopefully these will get you started.

Staff training clips from archives

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  • March 29, 2021 at 7:07 am

    This is fantastic! Thank you so much. If you, Paula, or others experienced at training new IL staff have any more additional “guides” or suggestions like this that they would like to share, I would love the guidance. ilnet website has a wealth of resources, but not everyone learns the same way, so having a training put together, and breaking down what new IL specialists need to know is an overwhelming task (especially for those of us who are already wearing multiple hats, so to speak.) Thank you, again.


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