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The Centers that are direct grantees through ACL received CARES Act funding about a year ago that has assisted them in meeting the COVID-19 related needs of their communities. ACL has just released its most resent set of Frequently Asked Questions related to the proper use of those funds. You can find that new FAQ at It is the first item listed under What’s New (February 23 – March 17)

The content includes the prior FAQ and nine additional questions along with a number of links to helpful information, growing the document from six pages to nine. I have found it helpful to read and re-read this guidance to make sure CARES Act decisions are made in line with these items. At the end of the day your CIL is responsible for the proper use of all its funds, including this additional money to assist individuals with significant disabilities to be safe and healthy during these times. Here is the summary from ACL:

As we continue to discuss CARES Act funding, ACL is pleased to announce that an updated version of the CARES Act FAQ is available and is attached for your reference. It can also be found at under the heading of Guidance for ACL Programs and sub-heading of Independent Living programs.

Within this document, you will find several areas which have been addressed.

  • Questions 22-23 comment on the utilization of multiple funding sources and record requirements.
  • Questions 24-25 go into detail on equipment/capital improvements and audit costs.
  • Questions 26-29 describe recommendations post CARES Act, including strategies and examples of funding usage.
  • Page 9 provides valuable resources and links for additional information on use of CARES act funds.

As always, please reach out to me with any questions.

Sean Barrett, Team Lead | Office of Independent Living Programs,Administration for Community LivingĀ  U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

330 C Street, SW. Washington DC 20201 | 202.795.7397 |

ACL Releases Updated Version of the CARES Act Funding FAQ

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