Payroll protection plan Part 3 is a two-month extension of Part 2, signed by the President today. If you didn’t apply for PPP in the original opportunity, you can check this article to see more details.

New funding from CDC, through ACL, will issue $5 million to the Part C Centers for Independent Living so you can provide assistance with scheduling vaccine appointments, transportation to vaccine sites, direct support services needed to attend vaccine appoints, connection to in-home vaccination options, and education about the importance of receiving the vaccine to older adults and people with disabilities. ACL will release along with guidance in the near future.

And really good news for Part B Independent Living Services programs – someone in your community is funded to do this vaccine work, and you can partner with them to make sure your communities benefit. The partners include:

  • State Units on Aging and Area Agencies on Aging ($50 million)
  • Aging and Disability Resource Centers (S26 million)
  • University Centers of Excellence in Developmental Disabilities ($4 million)
  • Protection and Advocacy systems  ($4 million)
  • State Councils on Developmental Disabilities ($4 million)

SILCs, if you addressed advocacy in emergencies in your SPIL, or have a goal for statewide collaboration, you may be a key partner with your centers that only get Part B in making sure another provider in your state serves those areas and people that would otherwise not have funding.

Stay tuned for more news as it breaks.

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