As with the CARES Act funds, the new Vaccine Access funding from the CDC will be given to centers that are direct grantees (Centers for Independent Living funding through Part C of Title VII of the Rehabilitation Act) from ACL. They will not be available to sub-grantees receiving funds through the SPIL in your state (Independent Living Services funded through Part B of Title VII of the Rehabilitation Act).

But the good news is all centers can work with other entities in your service area who ARE receiving these funds. Check out this federal register post for how the ADRCs are to work with others. CILs/ILCs are listed right there in the grant application.

For you to receive some of these funds you will need to be named by your ADRC in their proposal — so there is no time to lose. You must AT LEAST have a phone conversation with them and ask to be included. Hopefully you can think first of the minimum amount of funding you need to reach all your consumers with vaccine assistance and request that amount. These funds can be used in a number of ways, including:

  • Education about the importance of receiving a vaccine
  • Identifying people unable to independently travel to a vaccination site
  • Helping with scheduling a vaccine appointment
  • Arranging or providing accessible transportation
  • Providing companion/personal support
  • Reminding people of the second vaccination appointment if needed
  • Providing technical assistance to local health departments and other entities on vaccine accessibility

Other local partners (linked to the Federal Register announcement when available) receiving these funds include:

So, Part B centers, Work with these partners and bring some of the necessary resources to your community to save the lives of those vulnerable people with disabilities to get immunized against COVID-19. And do it now — this funding is intended to be a quick response so the funds will be allocated shortly.

What about the COVID-19 Vaccine funds will assist Part B centers?

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