You had until April 23, 2021 to submit a letter to ACL to indicate if you want the funds, or if you choose to decline them. The next task — how will you use those funds on COVID-19 vaccine efforts?

There is a new funding source available to Part C centers, as described in the Federal Register. This is a much smaller, much more narrow and focused opportunity than CARES Act. ACL/Office of Independent Living Programs provided an FAQ which we will disseminate as soon as it is available. The same regulations of the allowable activities under this CDC funding apply. The expenditures of the funds must be related to vaccines specifically, including:

  • Education about the importance of receiving a vaccine
  • Identifying people unable to independently travel to a vaccination site
  • Helping with scheduling a vaccine appointment
  • Arranging or providing accessible transportation
  • Providing companion/personal support
  • Reminding people of the second vaccination appointment if needed
  • Providing technical assistance to local health departments or other entities on vaccine accessibility

You probably noticed that all of these are also allowable under the CARES Act and in fact all of these have been repeatedly messaged by OILP as things CILs could be doing with CARES Act funds. This new money is not a supplement to the CARES Act but can provide supplemental funding for vaccine related costs.

All the same Federal rules around allowability are exactly the same as any other funding source. There, like for all Federal funding, will be reporting requirements (TBD), and grantees should expect to be able to track activities and expenses accordingly.

It appears total of $5 million in funds will be distributed equally between the centers that wish to access the funds.

Let’s talk about the new funding focused on vaccination

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