On April 16, the Office of Independent Living Programs, Administration for Community Living, indicated they would provide a one-time, 12-month No Cost Extension automatically for some of its grants to Centers, specifically to the CARES Act and Independent Living Services (Part B) funds to centers. CIL funds (Part C) have not been extended. Please note this is breaking news and we may get more clarification as this unfolds.

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This is described more specifically in the no-cost extension guidelines, and specifies the grants that are included are FFY2020 Independent Living Services Grants (ILSG): 2001XXILSG and Centers for Independent Living (CILs) CARES Act (ILC3): 20NNXXILC3.

A no-cost extension (NCE) allows a grantee to request additional time to extend the period of performance end date of a grant in order to complete the overall goals and performance outcomes originally proposed in the award funded by the Administration for Community Living. in this case the center’s one year extensions for CARES Act and ILS (Part B) funds are automatic, meaning no application is required. It is strongly recommended that each Center take the time to modify your budget to encompass these additional funds, spreading the remaining funds into next fiscal year if you wish. They still need to be spent for their original purpose, but you have a longer period of time to spend out the funds.

An important note about how this affects the CDC Vaccine funds. ACL indicated, “We understand that this information may change your CILs decision to pursue CDC Vaccine funds from decline to accept. If so please submit a new assurance indicating acceptance. The most recently received assurance will be the one ACL uses when awarding funds. As a reminder, the deadline to submit as assurance for those funds is 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time on April 23, 2021.

Let me summarize the grant sources and the status:

  • Direct CIL grants (Part C) — No change in deadlines or other requirements
  • ILS Grants through the SPIL/DSE — No cost extension to September 30, 2022 applies
  • CARES Act Funds — No cost extension to September 30, 2022 applies
  • CDC Vaccine funds — Deadline for accepting or refusing grant is still April 23, 2021; funds may be used through September 30, 2022.

You CAN continue spending CARES Act funds into next fiscal year!

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