What is Intensive Support and how does a CIL apply?

The ILNet T/TA Center provides intensive support to individual Centers for Independent living when the CIL is referred from ACL or from the DSE based on compliance concerns. This is a specific area of technical assistance that requires full commitment from the leadership of the CIL to attain compliance and a higher level of quality performance.

ACL’s Office of Independent Living Programs (OILP) is committed to the COMP system (Compliance and Outcome Monitoring Protocol). The DSE (designated state entity) in each state may also conduct sub-recipient monitoring when a CIL receives state or Part B funds. Either of these processes may require corrective action on the part of the Center.  Either OILP or the DSE may refer the CIL to receive intensive support to correct the compliance issues.

It is possible for a CIL to cited by the DSE, but they DSE does not refer them for intensive support. In this case the CIL may request intensive support for completing the Corrections for those citations. Contact the IL-NET Associate Director of Technical Assistance, Paula McElwee too apply. You can reach her at (559) 250-3082 or paulamcelwee.ilru@gmail.com

Criteria for Intensive Support services are as follows:

  • Referral from OILP Program Officer or DSE indicating areas of concern or lack of compliance. Services provided include:
    • Develop a Corrective Action Plan to address identified areas of non-compliance including outcomes and target dates
    • If the CIL denies the findings, assist in understanding what is required and how they can appeal.
    • Provide specific resources (typically training, peer support, or one-to-one TA) to assist the center in completing the Corrective Action Plan and returning to compliance.
  • Referral from OILP Program Officer or DSE of new executive directors. Services provided include:
    • Connecting the new executive director with peers in their state or region.
    • Connect the new individual with the national peer to peer support available in Conversations and Peer to Peer Calls and website resources.
    • Assist the individual in assessing their compliance with the COMP requirements.
    • Assist the new executive director in establishing a plan of action to identify weak areas for their CIL and to identify two or more desired outcomes to accomplish with T & TA.
    • Introduce the new director to the Peer Mentoring program if they express a desire for that support.

What is Intensive Support and how does a SILC apply?

 The SILC intensive support is defined as on-going requests for support that cannot be resolved in a call or two. While referrals may still come from the OIP Program Officer, self-referrals are also accepted.

 SILC T/TA support that takes place over more than sixty days and that has a plan of action will be considered intensive support.

Referrals can be made by the Program Officer at ACL, the DSE, the SILC chair or SILC staff. SILC intensive support will only be available to SILCs that are willing to set a plan with measurable outcomes. We will emphasize compliance with regulations in this process.

Process followed to apply for Intensive Support

  • Referrals or requests for intensive support will be in writing, by email to paulamcelwee.ilru@gmail.com , from the Program Officer or from the CIL, SILC, or DSE. Related compliance review or other concerns must be submitted with the request.
    • For new executive directors, the request may be more general until the CIL or SILC and the T/TA Associate Director, can assess the need and establish two or more measurable outcomes that will advance the operational excellence of the CIL or SILC.
  • Once the initial goals are set, the T and TA Associate Director will work with the Consultant Team to assign the CIL or SILC to the most appropriate consultant for the development of a more comprehensive plan with steps to accomplish as they complete the identified outcomes.
  • The Consultant Team will provide monthly reports to the T and TA Associate Director on the progress toward desired outcomes and the identification of additional areas of need that have come to light.
  • While T and TA is always available on demand, this intensive support is specifically outcome driven and will be considered complete when the desired outcomes are met.
  • Once the T and TA is complete, the CIL or SILC will be given an opportunity to evaluate the intensive support provided.
  • ACL will receive a summary report of the results of all intensive support activities.

Intensive support is not appropriate to legal situations where the CIL or SILC is being sued or has other legal action occurring against it.