canstockphoto4113527We urge you to have a code of ethical conduct to which your staff and board agree. An internet search will provide you with many ideas, but here are some from a Center for Independent Living specific to staff, who sign this statement to say that they will:

  1. Respect each individual’s integrity and freedom of choice.
  2. Remember that every individual has his/ her own value system and freedom of choice in lifestyles and opinions.
  3. Be respectful of the personal details and responsibilities inherent in working relationships. Maintain the confidentiality of privileged information at all times and respect the privacy of the consumer(s).
  4. Not engage in any behavior that puts the consumer’s health and well being at risk, including but not limited to sexual contact, serving consumers with which they have had previous sexual or intimate contact, as well as, sexual, physical, emotional and financial abuses.
  5. Not have any type of financial exchange with consumers, including but not limited to accepting money for services, giving or
    loaning money to consumers.
    6. Not use your relationship with consumers to meet your own personal needs.  Place the consumer’s interest above your own.
    7. Make it clear to consumers the purpose, goals and limitations of the staff/consumer relationship and will not act in ways that exploit the trust and dependency of the consumers they serve.
    8. Not engage in conduct that constitutes a conflict of interest or that will adversely reflect on the agency. Every attempt will be made to resolve conflicts in a manner that will not adversely affect the service delivery to the consumer.
    9. Not accept gifts of value from a consumer. Gifts should be declined unless declining will negatively affect the staff/consumer relationship, in this case the gift should be turned over to the Center.
    10. Report any abuse of consumers by staff members to your immediate supervisor and/or Director of Human Resources.  Assist consumers, who are being abused by any person in locating community resources. Report abuse of a vulnerable adult to Adult Protective Services.

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Ten areas for staff Codes of Ethical Conduct

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