Question: We have a question concerning documentation of youth transition services. When a Center provides services to a youth during the summer, when still enrolled in school but during summer break, how should this be documented? Would this service be documented in our database as a youth transition service? The other choice is to document this service as a different core service such as advocacy or independent living skills depending on the nature of service.

Reply: Services provided over the summer to youth who are still in school is recorded as a service to youth, but the service is the other core services (whictever apply), not transition. Youth transition services are only post secondary. The person has to have finished school, even if they moved to a GED program.

Typically you want to start services earlier than this, so that you are in touch with youth as they leave school and can begin to transition to post-secondary life. Post secondary can be after graduation, when a student drops out, when a they move to a GED program or when a student ages out by finishing their IEP at age 19, 20,21 or 22.

When is a Youth receiving Transition Services?

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