I would probably customize a training plan based on what the new executive director already knows. If s/he has worked for a center in the past, s/he may not need history and philosophy but might need board and finance training. There is training for almost every item in the E.D.’s job description. You can search the website for a topic, or contact me and I will help you find what you are looking for. I like everything to be in the context of philosophy so I have included that.

 The Rapid Course on history and philosophy is three parts and found at http://www.ilru.org/training/foundations-independent-living-series or if they don’t love that read and test format, the short films at http://www.ilru.org/il-history-and-philosophy-orientation-for-il-staff are great.

The financial management workshop (15 hours) at http://www.ilru.org/training/financial-management-workshop-for-cils-regulations-and-beyond is great for financial regulations. The topics are broken down so the person can watch what is the most useful, in any order.

For the IL regs, the first item on this page. http://www.ilru.org/training/20th-annual-silc-congress-path-forward-greater-independence

For board recruitment, http://www.ilru.org/training/attract-and-retain-your-best-cil-board-members

I also suggest searching Board Cafe and Non-profit management for board related training as well. There is a lot out there in the mainstream that is useful.

There is also a monthly call for new executive directors. Be sure to let me know so I can sign them up for that call.

 How is that for starters? A new E.D. can request anything specific from me any time so make sure they have my name and number. 

Tips for bringing a new CIL ED on board

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