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Do you wish your board had a better understanding of Independent Living? You can make sure they do, with orientation for new members and regular training for everyone. I suggest twenty minutes in every board meeting. Here are links to different training styles and options that will be useful to your board.

  1. Even though these are called “staff” training I feel they are great for board because they cover the history and philosophy of IL and are only about 20 minutes long – some less.  They have an audio-described version for staff with visual impairments.
  2. This two-part RapidCourse is a free, self-paced learning option, fully accessible (508 compliant) and available 24/7, allowing you to “Learn at the Speed of YOU!” Each RapidCourse will take about 60 – 90 minutes to complete, with the option of “bookmarking” so you can return as many times as needed in order to complete the course.
  3. Financial management for boards:
  4. A webinar on supporting your CIL board for success:
  5. This one may not be right for the full board, but is good for the ED and chair to discuss.
  6. Resource development is a good one:
  7. Ever get requests to explain acronyms? You are allowed to update this list with your state’s acronyms, and most boards are grateful to have it.
7 Board resources

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