If you are a new Executive Director you know you are buried almost from the start. It takes awhile to get your feet under you, to absorb all that the job means. And to do it in keeping with the values of Independent Living. Here are some resources to help you along the way.

Four live-streamed videos on the History and Philosophy are not more than 21 minutes, and capture important moments in Disability History. https://www.ilru.org/il-history-and-philosophy-orientation-for-il-staff

For recruiting and supporting your board of directors: https://www.ilru.org/training/attract-and-retain-your-best-cil-board-members https://www.ilru.org/training/supporting-your-cil-board-for-success

A look at conflicts of interest and codes of ethical conduct can be found in an FAQ from our funder at https://www.ilru.org/sites/default/files/resources/il_administration/FAQ%20Conflict%20of%20Interest.pdf

Financial management starts here: https://blueavocado.org/hr-and-employment-issues/five-internal-controls-for-the-very-small-nonprofit/?highlight=ethics

Does your center collect consumer satisfaction information? You should, and may want to do this in conjunction with the other CILs and the SILC in your state. At a minimum, though, knowing what your consumers think will assist your CIL in being the CIL that connects with the disability community. https://www.ilru.org/training/using-consumer-satisfaction-information-for-planning

How can CILs use data mining and community mapping to identify their unserved or underserved communities? https://www.ilru.org/training/disability-diversity-data-how-centers-for-independent-living-can-use-data-mining-and

Ready for resource development? You are required to seek out other funding sources. https://www.ilru.org/training/fees-for-service-cils-two-part-series

This should get you started. And remember, you can email me with any questions, and can participate in monthly or even weekly support calls. Contact me at paulamcelwee.ilru@gmail.com

Seven Essential Resources for new Executive Directors

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