As a movement we are all about Advocacy. We show up at important meetings — to testify, to challenge assumptions, to get the word out about what the disability community wants, needs, and has a right to. Our staff are sometimes appointed to councils and boards so that the disability perspective can be promoted from both sides of the table. We keep separate records so that if we are required to lobby to get our point across, we aren’t paying for it with federal funds.
But why staff? Why not consumers? True, some of them are rough around the edges, inexperienced, not yet ready to serve on boards and councils. But why aren’t they? Why don’t we have people with disabilities who are ready and eager to take a role in their community?
We have an upcoming training that answers challenges you and your center to be the site for helping to develop those emerging leaders among individuals with disabilities  in your community and prepare them for Community Leadership. The course will teach you from a “Train the Trainer” perspective to hold your own Academy when you get home.
Think about it. You hold a Community Leadership Academy and attract the best and brightest people with disabilities in your community, then assist them in connecting with and becoming members of the boards and councils that have the greatest impact. If your own board recruitment needs a boost you can ask the best to apply to be on YOUR board.  You  an assist individuals in applying to serve on the Statewide Independent Living Council in your state. As these individuals develop their confidence (and their resume) the voice of the disability community will be heard in every forum that matters to us. Isn’t that what it takes to really change a community? I hope you will join us in Houston for:
Leaders Without Limits: A Community Leadership Academy
Train-the-Trainer September 19 – 21, 2016
Houston, Texas
The Leaders without Limits Community Leadership Academy is a proven model that prepares people with disabilities for active, effective involvement on boards, committees and councils, serving local government, your state and your nonprofit organization. This Train-the-Trainer event will prepare you to create, fund, and implement a Community Leadership Academy within your CIL and your state.
Target Audience
Executive Directors, program managers, and other staff, and board members of centers for independent living and statewide independent living councils interested in preparing consumers, staff, board members, or themselves for leadership roles will most benefit from this training.
Learning Objectives
 You will learn:
  • The Leaders Without Limits model of preparing individuals to be community leaders.
  • The benefits and advantages of implementing a Community Leadership Academy within your CIL and/or your state.
  • Steps to take to create, fund, and implement a Community Leadership Academy.
  • How to find and recruit participants.
  • How this model can expand your CIL’s or SILC’s leadership capacity.
  • Essential skills required for participation on local and statewide  councils and committees, local nonprofit boards of directors, and other opportunities for leadership.
  • How to identify a natural leader vs an appointed authority.
  • The difference between activists and community leaders.
  • What makes a good leader.
  • Opportunities for community interaction and impact.
  • How to elevate the CIL’s standing in the community as a place to prepare community leaders.
  • How to elevate the credibility and ability of the SILC.
  • How to make IL Philosophy and total accessibility part of the community decision-making process.

Royal Sonesta Houston

2222 West Loop South
Houston, TX 77027
Reservations: 855.463.3091
Front Desk: 800.766.3782
Group Rate: $149/night (single/double). Mention “IL-NET Leaders Without Limits” when making your reservation to receive the group rate.  Reservation deadline is August 26, 2016.
Create, FUND and Implement Local Advocacy and Leadership Training

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