ACL/ILA has asked the SILCs to either extend or amend their State Plan for Independent Living (SPIL) as we go into the new planning cycle. This most recent guidance allows for time to complete the review and acceptance process for a new SILC template, to be used in 2020 for the next three year cycle of your plan. The “state project officer” for all SILCs is Regina Blye. Her contact information is Here are excerpts from the announcement letter which specifically tell you how to do a technical amendment — an amendment that doesn’t change the plan substantially, doesn’t change the Designated State Entity (DSE) and will carry your forward for the next year.

(Page 3) Required steps for a technical amendment to a SPIL are (in the following order):

 A written statement to ILA, via the state project officer, requesting a technical amendment to the FY2017–2019 SPIL.

  1. Submit an approvable SPIL amendment request that includes all required signatures to your project officer no later than July 31, 2019 (to allow adequate time for the PO to complete the SPIL amendment process before expiration of the current SPIL in effect on September 30, 2019).

 Amendments must be signed by three parties: the chair of the SILC, acting on behalf of and at the direction of the SILC; not less than 51 percent of the directors of the Centers in the state; and the director of the DSE.

(Page 4) Important information about these options

ACL strongly recommends you communicate the state’s intention to your state project officer by May 1, 2019. All requests and attachments for the SPIL amendment process should be submitted in accessible PDF formats or as Word documents.  The assigned state project officer will make amendments to the SPIL on behalf of each state.  A revised SPIL will be provided back to the state upon completion, no later than September 29, 2019. 

For SILCs – How to request a technical amendment

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