The regulations are clear on this. 45 CFR 1329.12 Role of the designated State entity states:

(a) A DSE that applies for and receives assistance must:

(1) Receive, account for, and disburse funds received by the State under Part B and Part C in a State under section 723 of the Act based on the State plan;

(2) Provide administrative support services for a program under Part B, as directed by the approved State plan, and for CILs under Part C when administered by the State under section 723 of the Act, 29 U.S.C. 796f-2;

(3) Keep such records and afford such access to such records as the Administrator finds to be necessary with respect to the programs;

(4) Submit such additional information or provide such assurances as the Administrator may require with respect to the programs; and

(5) Retain not more than 5 percent of the funds received by the State for any fiscal year under Part B, for the performance of the services outlined in paragraphs (a)(1) through (4) of this section. For purposes of these regulations, the 5 percent cap on funds for administrative expenses applies only to the Part B funds allocated to the State and to the State’s required 10 percent Part B match. It does not apply to other program income funds, including, but not limited to, payments provided to a State from the Social Security Administration for assisting Social Security beneficiaries and recipients to achieve employment outcomes, any other federal funds, or to other funds allocated by the State for IL purposes.

What can the DSE keep in administrative fees for distributing our Part B, Independent Living Services grants?

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